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Millions of people undergo surgeries worldwide each year that involve cutting or removing soft tissue. For many common surgical procedures, Coblation® technology offers a minimally invasive alternative to standard surgical methods for cutting and removing tissue.

While lasers and most electrosurgical devices use imprecise, heat-driven processes to remove or cut tissue, Coblation (controlled ablation)-based surgical devices operate at much lower temperatures and are much more precise than traditional surgical methods. Instead of exploding tissue structures under high temperatures, Coblation technology gently dissolves target tissue, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

The significant benefits of Coblation technology have led to its adoption across a number of surgical specialties, including Spine, Ear Nose and Throat and Orthopedic surgery. Coblation is now utilized in a wide range of procedures and its benefits include shorter procedure times, faster post-operative healing and fewer complications.

Coblation technology is a controlled, non-heat driven process that uses electrical energy to excite the electrolytes in a conductive medium, such as saline solution, creating a precisely focused plasma. The energized particles in the plasma have sufficient energy to break molecular bonds within tissue, causing tissue to dissolve at relatively low temperatures. The result is volumetric removal of the target tissue with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue.
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